• Italia for mine føtter…

  • ...men ikke for så mye mer.

    Definitivt på forretningsreise. Fly, fly, tog, tog, tog, møte fabrikk i Montebelluna, tog, tog, møte fetter Henrik i Milano, fly, fly.

  • Workshop

    We received new color charts from our factory in Italy so we got together and had a workshop. This is some of the new canvas material we've been working on.

  • Sketches, wax and aka

    Sole Service focus group over at Michael Ray´s. Ricky and Thomas designing (on) macs, thank you for that digital experience!


  • Det Nye!

    We are featured in Det Nye. Det Nye is a Norwegian magazine that comes out every three weeks. Buy the magazine and read about us!

  • Freudiankicks x Röyksopp

    Yesterday we went to Freudiankicks to check out the collaboration between Freudiankicks and Röyksopp!

    Here are some more information of the collaboration:

    Røyksopp made a habit of coming to the shop before shows, for new outfits and styling. They liked our first limited line of production from 2009 and we shared a lot of toughts on style and fit. This evolved into a bit more. Freudian Kicks x Røyksopp is a collaboration on two different outfits, one for Svein and one for Torbjørn. In totalt 6 pieces that can be combined in 14 different ways.


    View the whole collection here!


  • Photoshoot, part MCXVIII

    Some more behind the pictures from our postapocalyptic photoshoot with Christian Belgaux and Christian Bielke, all shot by akam1k3.